Haitian Cholera Outbreak Worsens

Haiti earthquake map.png After the earthquake ,Haiti was left in devastating unrest. It seems thing are only getting worst for the natives if Haiti. 

Political unrest in Haiti is further complicating the cholera crisis. And according to an Associated Press report, the source of the outbreak has been narrowed down to a contingent of U.N. peacekeepers likely dumping waste into a tributary. Further lack of sanitation is going to prove an explosive problem here explains today’s newsletter from Soil, an organization in Haiti that provides compostable toilets.

Over 1 million people in Port au Prince‘s sprawling IDP camps are completely dependent on trucked water and clean sanitation facililities to protect them against cholera which is transmitted through water contaminated with infected feces. The services provided by medical facilities and public health employees are critical for containing the epidemic through treating the sick, burying the dead and decontaminating infected areas.

Imagine the implications of several days without sanitation services in Port au Prince. An example, in downtown Port au Prince and Petionville the camps of Place Boyer, Place Saint Pierre and Champs Mars (home to over 15,000 people) rely on approximately 450 portable toilets for sanitation.  These toilets are cleaned and emptied daily by a private company.  With a small holding capacity and extremely heavy usage, many of these toilets will fill in 1-2 days if not emptied.  Two days without desludging and the toilets of Champs Mars could be overflowing with over 5000 pounds of poop per day.  Also, recent reports indicate that in downtown Port au Prince portable toilets are being overturned and used as roadblocks, some spilling their contents into the streets where tens of thousands of people have gathered to express their discontent with the CEP and the UN troops.

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