Its not 2012 yet. 100,000 Fish Die Suddenly In Arkansas After 5,000 Dead Birds Are Found!

“The town of Beebe, Arkansas suffered an eerie occurrence on New Year’s Eve last weekend: over 5,000 lifeless bird tragically fell from the sky. Impossibly, things appear to have gotten stranger in rural Arkansas as reports have surfaced of over 100,000 drum fish suddenly dying off roughly 100 miles west of the massive bird die-off. As was reported earlier, an AP interview with an expert affiliated with the state’s Livestock and Poultry Commission suggested that the birds may have died as a result of “lightning or high- altitude hail.” Another possibility for the bird die-off? New Year’s Eve fireworks may have startled the birds so severely, that they died from stress. But neither of these reasons would account for the massive fish die-of” – CNN.



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The term “mob mentality” is used to refer to unique behavioral characteristics which emerge when people are in large groups.

More often than none I’ve been out with friends and witness someone get beat senseless by a mob of drunken angry idiots.  There is no justification for fighting, but there is justification for self-defense and self  preservation.  With that said I do admit that I’ve been in a couple fights, but never have I ever part-taken in a fight where it was unfair or unjust. If your going to fight ,”fight one on one“. Sound foolish to say, but its a thing of pride  and being a minority I’m quick to get on the defensive whenever a conflict arises. 

Lets define it, Mob mentality also known as “Herd mentality” is defined as :

  • Mob Mentality is when a group of people commit actions because it would be harder to go against the mob.
  • How large numbers of people act in the same ways at the same times.
  • The way people act when they are in a group as opposed to the way they act as individuals and less to do with any sense of “justice”
  • Mob mentality deals with the spread of emotion, good or bad, among humans when they are in a medium to large size group.
  • Mob mentality refers to the behavioral tendency of people (or other social animals) to act in unison with the group of which they are a part. This is an evolutionary adaptation that provides the mechanism for collective intelligence, but also explains how morally reprehensible consensus can form. Behaviors ranging from gang rapes and beatings to the extermination of an entire people group.
Why does “Mob mentality” occur? 
In short the above is saying that  the weaker more insecure members of the crowd mimic the  actions of  those with “higher status”. So they will do whatever the proposed leader does to show that they too have this quality of  leadership ” alpha-male-ism”.
  • Crowds that gather on behalf of a grievance can involve herding behavior that turns violent, particularly when confronted by an opposing ethnic or racial group. The Los Angeles riots of 1992, New York Draft Riots and Tulsa Race Riot are notorious in U.S. history, but those episodes are dwarfed by the scale of violence and death during the Partition of India. Population exchanges between India and Pakistan brought millions of migrating Hindus and Muslims into proximity; the ensuing violence produced an estimated death toll of between 200,000 and one million. The idea of a “group mind” or “mob behavior” was put forward by the French social psychologists Gabriel Tarde and Gustave Le Bon. Sporting events can also produce violent episodes of herd behavior. The most violent single riot in history may be the sixth-century Nika riots in Constantinople, precipitated by partisan factions attending the chariot races. The football hooliganism of the 1980s was a well-publicized, latter-day example of sports violence.

When crowds with strong similarities ( beliefs, race, etc) get together. Mob mentality is more likely to occur if they come into conflict with someone or a group with an opposing view or conflict of interests.

  • Benign herding behaviors may be frequent in everyday decisions based on learning from the information of others, as when a person on the street decides which of two restaurants to dine in. Suppose that both look appealing, but both are empty because it is early evening; so at random, this person chooses restaurant A. Soon a couple walks down the same street in search of a place to eat. They see that restaurant A has customers while B is empty, and choose A on the assumption that having customers makes it the better choice. And so on with other passersby into the evening, with restaurant A doing more business that night than B. This phenomenon is also referred as an information cascade.

Humans make assumptions and come to quick decisions based on what everyone else is doing.  In a sense they find it easy to follow a trend or behaviour than make an informative decision and set themselves apart.

How to counterattack ” mob mentality”.

Think for yourself, state your opinion even it’s not the consensus.  Don’t succumb to peer pressure, and  stand up for what you believe is important.


I havent come across any scientific finding that say alcohol increases the chances of mob like behaviours, partly because I havent searched for any LOL. But Im willing to bet that groups under the influence of some type of alcohol are definitely more likely to follow the actions of the  mob


Bringing an End to World Hunger Through Unimaginable Blessings

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Learn a new word in 14 minutes.

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

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The brain will learn any word it hears 160 times over in 14 minutes.

Neuroscientists from the University of Cambridge in England monitored the brain activity of 16 volunteers as they repeatedly listened to a voice saying a nonsense word. What the researchers discovered was that, while the brain struggled to process the word at first, after just 14 minutes of repetition, the same network of neurons that recognize words a person already knows began to quickly recognize the nonsense word.

And that was just by listening to the word. The researchers believe if the volunteers had been asked to repeat the word, they would have also developed a permanent neural connection to the part of the brain responsible for speech.

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Crisis in Darfur

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“The crisis in Darfur, in western Sudan, has led to some of the worst human rights abuses imaginable, including systematic and widespread murder, rape, abduction and forced displacement. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have died as a result of both deliberate and indiscriminate attacks, and more than 2 million civilians have been forced to flee from their homes. The situation on the ground has been plagued with renewed violence, Janjawid attacks, and aerial bombing by the Government of Sudan’s military. Currently, the Government of Sudan is resisting the UN Security Council-mandated peacekeeping operation that is desperately needed.

            Amnesty representatives have met with UN, U.S. and European officials to call for their vigorous action and have pressed the governments of Chad and Sudan directly. Amnesty’s global membership has also organized letter-writing campaigns and demonstrations to draw attention to the crisis.
The international community must, at long last, put a stop to these atrocities and bring relief to those who have survived but continue to suffer. Join the growing movement of citizens worldwide who are taking action for Darfur.”
-“Eyes on Darfur”
See for yourself:
            “In January 2011, Sudan is scheduled to decide whether or not to divide itself in two. Preparations are woefully behind, and civilians are at real risk of escalating violence and a potential return to war. In Darfur, nearly three million civilians are living in camps and facing violence, rape and critical shortages of water and medical aid. The country’s president remains wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

To help please  visit :
-“Enough: The Project To End Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity 

2010 wrap-up. Year in pictures Part 1.

2010 was a year filled with tragedy and devastation.
flash floods, earthquakes and oil spills.

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UK Students Riots over FEE increase.

It’s fitting that I stumbled up on this video since I just wrote a post today about whether education should be free.

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