Learn a new word in 14 minutes.

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

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The brain will learn any word it hears 160 times over in 14 minutes.

Neuroscientists from the University of Cambridge in England monitored the brain activity of 16 volunteers as they repeatedly listened to a voice saying a nonsense word. What the researchers discovered was that, while the brain struggled to process the word at first, after just 14 minutes of repetition, the same network of neurons that recognize words a person already knows began to quickly recognize the nonsense word.

And that was just by listening to the word. The researchers believe if the volunteers had been asked to repeat the word, they would have also developed a permanent neural connection to the part of the brain responsible for speech.

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World Hunger facts

World Health Organization Regions.

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  • Every year 15 million children die of hunger
  • Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger
  • The assets of the world’s three richest men are more than the combined GNP of all the least developed countries on the planet.
  • For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years
  • Nearly one in four people, 1.3 billion – a majority of humanity – live on less than $1 per day, while the world’s 358 billionaires have assets exceeding the combined annual incomes of countries with 45 percent of the world’s people. UNICEF
  • 37% of food bank users are children; 293,677 children relied on donated food in 2009One out of every eight children under the age of twelve in the U.S. goes to bed hungry every night.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that one-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is under-fed one-third is starving- Since you’ve entered this site at least 200 people have died of starvation. Over 4 million will die this year.
  • 3,252,134 million meals were served by food banks with meal programs in one month in 2009
  • To satisfy the world’s sanitation and food requirements would cost only US$13 billion- what the people of the United States and the European Union spend on perfume each year.


Sources: http://library.thinkquest.org/C002291/high/present/stats.htm , http://www.mazoncanada.ca/canadian-hunger-statistics.html

Iraq War Facts

Data is presented as of October 30, 2010, except as indicated.

  • Journalists killed – 144, 97 by murder and 47 by acts of war
  • Journalists killed by US Forces – 14
  • Iraqi Police and Soldiers Killed – 9,765
  • Journalists killed – 144, 97 by murder and 47 by acts of war
  • Journalists killed by US Forces – 14
  • Iraqi Police and Soldiers Killed – 9,765

Iraqi Civilians Killed, Estimated – On October 22, 2010, ABC News reported “a secret U.S. government tally that puts the Iraqi (civilian) death toll over 100,000,” information that was included in more than 400,000 military documents released by Wikileaks.com.

  • Iraqi Insurgents Killed, Roughly Estimated – 55,000
  • Non-Iraqi Contractors and Civilian Workers Killed – 572
  • Non-Iraqi Kidnapped – 306, including 57 killed, 147 released, 4 escaped, 6 rescued and 89 status unknown.
  • Iraqis Displaced Inside Iraq, by Iraq War, as of May 2007 – 2,255,000
  • Iraqi Refugees in Syria & Jordan – 2.1 million to 2.25 million
  • Iraqi Unemployment Rate – 27 to 60%, where curfew not in effect
  • Consumer Price Inflation in 2006 – 50%
  • Iraqi Children Suffering from Chronic Malnutrition – 28% in June 2007 (Per CNN.com, July 30, 2007)

Excerpt from : http://usliberals.about.com/od/homelandsecurit1/a/IraqNumbers.htm